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10 Unique Wedding Songs

by LOVEPOST on December 13, 2011

Tuesday 10s: Unique Wedding Songs List


This week, Tuesday 10s is taking you somewhere LOVEPOST has yet to go: unique wedding songs. We’re counting down 10 first dance songs that break the mold. Ballads like “At Last” and “From This Moment” are totally fab jams, but if you’re looking to step things up on your big day, try these newer classics on for size.

10 Unique Wedding Songs:

unique wedding songs







1. If You’re Looking for a Hit: “We Found Love,” Coldplay (Rihanna Cover)

You’re looking for something that’s current, and something that people will recognize. Rihanna’s “We Found Love” is the hottest thing on the charts right now, but it might be a little fast paced and clubby for your elegant reception. Have you heard Coldplay’s cover? It’s the best of both worlds and would be the perfect background for your Viennese Waltz (hey, we watch “Dancing with the Stars”…) Here’s to a love like Chris and Gwyneth’s!

2. If Twilight’s Your Thing: “It Will Rain,” Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars is the number one male crooner right now, and there’s no denying that the man does love songs right. Especially if those songs are written for vampire werewolf sagas. This is Breaking Dawn‘s anthem–but it could be you and your sweetheart’s too!

3. If You’re Looking for a Sweet Slow Jam: “Baby I’m Yours,” Shai

This is a romantic R&B masterpiece by the underrated 90′s group, Shai. Check out that harmony. It even has one of those sexy talking interludes!

4. If You’re a Little Bit Country: “Smokin’ Hot Wife,” Sawyer Brown

Nothin’ says I love you like a song about packing up your car to Daytona while you thank your lucky stars for your “smokin’ hot wife.” All jokes aside, this is truly a sweet and humorous ditty about living the good life and being married to the woman of your dreams.

5. If You’re a Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll: “Anything Anything,” Dramarama

I’ll give you candy, give you diamonds, give you pills. I’ll give you anything you want. Hundred dollar bills. I’ll even let you hear the songs I want to sing. Because you married me, married me, married me. Marry me, marry me, marry me…” Awwww, how sweet. Let’s forget that whole pills part…

6. If You Were Born in the USA (Jersey, specifically): “I Wanna Marry You,” Bruce Springsteen

Nobody takes you home like Bruce. Especially if your home was by a rundown boardwalk casino in Asbury Park.

7. If You Call Yourself a Non-Bride: “I Don’t Want to Be a Bride,” Vanessa Carlton

You found the love of your life, you want to spend the rest of your life with them, but the whole wedding part? Never really your thing. After Vanessa Carlton walked a thousand miles back in 2002, she wrote a whole bunch of lovely songs like this one–music to an unconventional romantic’s ears and a perfect wedding anthem.

8. If You’re Nostalgic for the 90′s: “Everlong (Acoustic),” Foo Fighters

This is the ultimate “new classic.” A fantastic rock love song injected with raw emotion. It just makes you feel inside. Brides: think of this as your “something flannel”. Truly one of the most unique wedding songs.

9. If You Hang at the Coffeehouse: “Paperweight,” Joshua Radin and Schuyler Fisk

Singer/songwriter Schuyler Fisk (Sissy Spacek’s spawn) and folk hunk Joshua Radin team up for this sweet ode about passionate paramours. Watch your guests melt as you start slow dancing to this one.

10. If You Want to Bring the House Down: “I Want it That Way,” The Backstreet Boys

Call me personally and tell me your guests didn’t enjoy this. I won’t believe it. This song makes no sense, but it’s a game changer. Party on!

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Tell us: what are some of your favorite unique wedding songs?

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